All the sick, Ace’s family, Andrea Littleton, Ann Whitaker, Annie Barker, Bro. Ben Chapman, Betty Boss, Bobby Sandlin, Cameron Miller, Carol Cameron, Charlie Blanchfield, Curt Cooper, Dana & Jean English, Doris Keaton, Gabbi Ledbetter, Harold Dover, Hope Ministry Center, Iva Dell Sanders, Jerry & Marilyn Wilson & Girls, Laura Seber, Mac & Eva Willoughby, Mai Nell Slager, Marie Cripps, Megan Beechum, Melissa Farmer, Melonie Payne, Ronnie Cook, Ronnie Curtis, Ruth Grider, Sharon Pascal, Skyler Satterfield, Suzanne Dunn, Tex Campbell, Willie & Lavelle Turner.
Family of Andrew Rose
Family of Billy Anderson
Family of Richard Goss
Family of Robbie Gass

Our Easter Services & Events, Our church, Our country & leaders, Our military, The lost, our missionaries, Building Committee, Nominating Committee, Churches without pastors, Salem Baptist Association, Revival in our hearts.

ATTENTION: Please contact the church office if anyone needs to be placed or removed from the prayer list.
For text prayer chain: Cell contacts Vickie Woods 615-464-5051

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