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Get connected to God through Worship


As followers of Christ we are called to be worshipers. At Upper Helton, we make Worship a priority when we come together. We sing to our God and thank Him for His never ending grace. If there is one characteristic about Upper Helton that stands out over the years, it’s music. Our church has always been a talented congregation that exalts our Lord through Singing. Our choir and music directors work diligently to lead our congregation in meaningful worship.


Along with singing, comes the Preaching of the Word. Upper Helton firmly believes that the bible is the infallible, inspired, written Word of God. As a church, we believe that Gods Word and His Holy Spirit will transform lives.




Another aspect of worship is Prayer. Upper Helton has always been a praying church. To face the challenges of today and achieve our goals for the future we must continue to pray. Praying for one another and our community are part of Upper Helton’s fabric. We pray believing that God can and will make a difference. As we Worship, Sing, Preach and Pray we are seeking to be in the presence of God.

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