Our Church… Past & Present

Our Church History

first bible school

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Upper Helton Baptist Church was organized October 14, 1950. At first, services were held bi-weekly in the old Upper Upper Helton School House. The church joined the Salem Baptist Association in 1951 and remains an active member today. The church grew in those early years and the old school house had to be expanded twice during the 1960’s. The year 1974 brought Upper Helton Baptist Church one of it’s most difficult times. On March 24, 1974 the old school house burned to the ground. A community landmark had vanished, but God’s grace abounded. On March 31, 1974, one week after the old church building had burned the church voted to build a new church across the road. The building was completed and the first service was held in the new sanctuary the second Sunday in January, 1975.

The Lord blessed the church and its membership grew. In August, 1978, the church voted to build a new auditorium and the other facility was to be used for educational purposes. The new building was constructed and then dedicated in May of 1979.

first baptism service

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Due to continued growth over the years, in 2000 and 2001 Upper Helton added on to its facilities once again.  A fellowship hall, additional classrooms and restrooms were constructed. This additional space has been a blessing as our church continues to grow by the grace of God.

Over the years many pastors have served and many members have gone on to be with the Lord. Today, we are grateful to the people that laid hold of God’s vision for Upper Helton. Without their commitment and God’s faithfulness we would not be ministering in this community today.
Upper Helton Baptist Church is a member of the Salem Baptist Association, Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.
Check out some of our historical photos..First Vacation Bible School and UHBC’s first baptism.

What Does God See?

“O Lord, you have searched my heart and known me.”
Psalm 139:1

When the Lord looks into your heart, what does He see? When He gazes into the corners of your soul, what does He uncover?
“O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me,” says King David (Psalm 139:1). David understood that He could not keep a secret from God. There is nothing He doesn’t know about us. No sin is hidden. No evil thought is shielded from His eyes. No corner of our heart and mind is safe from the gaze of our Lord.

“You know when I sit down or stand up,” David continues (Psalm 139:2). God sees every move we make. When we sit at the computer, he is there. He sees the e-mails we send and the ones we receive. He knows the things we put before our eyes. He’s aware of the things we read, the letters we write, the jokes we snicker at, the figures we pencil into our tax forms. When we watch television, He is right there beside us. He sees what we watch, what we laugh at, what we put into our mind. When we stand and walk, he knows where we go. He sees the places our legs take us.

“You know my every thought when far away,” says David (Psalm 139:2). God is aware of the things we think about. He knows when our mind wanders to thoughts of lust and greed and envy. He sees our proud and haughty heart. Nothing is hidden from God. And sometimes what he sees breaks his heart.

But God also sees our pure thoughts. He sees when our mind is set on him and his Word, when we think thoughts of heaven, when we worship with our heart and our life, when we think on lovely and admirable things. He knows when our remorse is real and our repentance is genuine. And because of Jesus, He is willing to forgive all the other things He sees and accept us in spite of our sin.
When God looks into our heart, it’s up to us to determine what He will see. We have the ability to please or to hurt Him. To accept his love or reject it. What does He see when He looks into your life?


When God looks into your heart, what things are there which bring Him honor? What things in your heart damage your harmony with Him? How can you cleanse yourself of those habits and attitudes that break God’s heart?